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Local Sales, Service, and Parts in Langford for Mercury Marine Engines

Ina Marine Sales & Service is proud to be a local supplier and service centre for Mercury Marine outboard motors and parts in Langford.

Mercury Marine v6 and v8 outboard engines

Mercury Marine Engines started way back in 1939, based out of a machine shop down in Cedarburg Wisconsin.

The business has expanded many times since, and after over 83 years Mercury Marine is known worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of engines and motors for marine applications.

Popular By Design

Local boating enthusiasts around Vancouver Island can tell you that Mercury Marine engines have proven themselves to be an amazing combination of smooth power, efficiency, reliability, weight, and cost.

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With Mercury approved sales and service available locally you can confidently rely on Mercury Marine performance to power your boat.

Wide Power Range

Mercury Marine outboard motors currently range from 32.1 CID 2.5hp kickers all the way to 461 CID 600hp V12 marine engines. Mercury’s latest four-stroke outboard motors weigh the same as two-stroke competitors while offering numerous advantages.

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Putting large outboard motors to work in tandem for higher horsepower applications is easier than ever thanks to independent, steerable gearcase mechanisms that keep the motors still while maneuvering your vessel.

Superior Range and Fuel Economy

The entire range of Mercury Marine outboard motors are all extra smooth running 4-stroke engines that offer better range than the competition due to improved fuel economy.

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When equipped, the smooth shifting 2 speed automatic transmission in Mercury outboards gives additional power and torque at low speeds, while also providing access to higher top speeds.

Ina Marine Sells Mercury Outboard Motors

Looking for a good deal on new or used Mercury Marine engines? We have both for sale at Ina Marine in Langford!

Not seeing a model of outboard motor you were looking for?

Feel free to contact us. The experienced staff at Ina Marine are more than happy to help locate a specific motor for your particular boating needs.