Quality Aluminium Boats

Ina Marine is happy to announce our first shipment of Versatile Technologies custom welded aluminum boats.

Vancouver Island built by Vancouver Island Craftsmen!

These Versatile Aluminium boats usually weigh substantially less than fibreglass boats of the same size, so you can save when purchasing your power plant to go along with it. While at the same time keeping similar performance, lowering your operating and engine maintenance costs.

CLICK HERE to see our large selection of Mercury Marine outboard motors in stock, ready to be fitted on your new aluminium boat.

Lighter weight means that these boats are easier to launch and take less powerful vehicles to tow. These boats are also easier to load at the boat ramp, easier to push on or off shore, and lighter to trailer with a vehicle, costing you less at the pump!

Aluminium boats often require less maintenance, since you don’t have to wax all that gel coat, they also dent rather than crack or break upon impact, so repair costs are usually lower if there’s an accident.