Pre-Owned Outboard Motors

             We’re Pleased to Offer a Wide Variety of Pre-Owned Outboard Motors At Ina Marine to Suit Your Budget and Boating Needs

Welcome to Ina Marine’s pre-owned outdoor motors inventory. Here you’ll find a large selection of pre-owned and lease-returned outboard motors and with more on the way.

These motors always sell fast. To hold one, please place a deposit on any motor you’d like to purchase.

As Victoria’s only Mercury outboard dealer, we’ve got a great selection of pre-owned Mercury outboard motors, and the expertise with this trusted name to help you find the right engine for your boat.

      Pre-Owned Vs. New Outboard: Which is Better?

It’s a question we’re asked a lot here at Ina Marine: do I buy a pre-owned outboard motor or go for a completely new engine?

Pre-owned outboard motors have been ‘broken in’ by a previous boater. Yet, while some boat owners prefer to have a brand new outboard, just like with a new car, you’re going to pay a little more for this option.

Is that good or bad? It’s neither – it’s simply a choice: spend a little more money for a new outboard, or opt for a pre-owned, often higher-powered outboard for less money than you’d pay for a brand new motor.

Mercury outboards are built to last, whichever option you choose. If you’re on a budget, a pre-owned outboard can definitely be the way to go.

Bang For Your Buck

Our pre-owned outboard motors offer excellent value. That’s why they move so quickly – they’re a great option for owners with bigger boats, who need a larger engine with a little more heft to push that extra weight around on the water.

Contact us. We’ve got a lot of experience with many brands of pre-owned outboard motors, and we are ready to help select the right option for your boat, and your budget.

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